Maybe you were looking for a nice grid of square thumbnails that show the tiniest hint of a shiny, graphically beautiful mockup for a mobile web application? Sorry to disappoint you.

This is a list of design artifacts and deliverables that I have produced over the last few years in my capacity as an Interaction Designer, Information Architect, User Experience Designer, and Product Design leader. Each item is annotated briefly. Many of these are html mockups created using Axure RP, a fine tool made with love, but one which I am favouring less and less over just tinkering in HTML, CSS, and the most rudimentary JavaScript. 

I am not a graphic designer, but when make graphics, I use Sketch on Mac, because it does what I need and gives me clean css to work with.

So, without further ado:

Interactive Prototypes

These prototypes were created either using HTML, CSS and JavaScript using a variety of frameworks (Foundation, Bootstrap, etc.), or using Axure RP HTML prototype generation.

  • Bibliocommons – prototype for grouping search results on mobile phones, 2017. Axure RP.
  • Bibliocommons – prototype for subscribing to updates, 2015. Axure RP prototype to test concept with end users. This one was made to be more-or-less responsive to see if tap targets should be enlarged for mobile devices
  • Bibliocommons – research bibliographic record page redesign, 2013. This prototype was mainly an experimental sandbox for exploring how Bibliocommons could rework the bibliographic record page for its library catalog product to allow people who considered themselves ‘pure researchers’ to have a more focused environment. The audience was mainly internal. 
  • Bibliocommons – registration workflow exploration, 2013. The challenge for Bibliocommons is that it sits on top of an existing system, but requires additional registration steps to use it. It poses problems for new library patrons who don’t understand why they’re being asked for information that the system should already have. This prototype tries to make the process clearer. It was used as a demonstration artifact for external stakeholders.
  • Kobo – HTML5 Application, 2012 (designed for iPad concept testing). This Axure RP prototype blended visual design assets and interaction design prototyping. We used it internally to see if people would understand the content areas and interaction points. This one stretched Axure RP to its limits.

Specification Documents/ Mockups

Documents Created in Omnigraffle or Axure RP

Anything older than this available by request for your amusement.