Why the Lord of the Rings is my Favorite Book

In the summer of 2012, I first read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. My dad had read me the Hobbit before and had tried to get me into the Lord of the Rings because he liked the trilogy. I wasn’t interested at the time, but now they’re my favourite books.

I have always liked mythical adventure stories with dragons, wizards and other mythical beings. For example, I like the Harry Potter books and Greek mythology stories. The Lord of the Rings is the best mythical adventure series I’ve read.  Even though I know this story is fictional, it’s so well written that I think of it as real. Tolkien created the Lord of the Rings as a mythology for England, but the stories seem like a real history.

Wooden Narsil
I like medieval Europe and have a fascination for swords, bows, arrows, spears, etc.  Though the Lord of the Rings is not medieval, it includes the medieval things listed above. After watching The Fellowship of the Ring movie for the first time, I developed a fascination with Aragorn’s sword called Narsil.  Narsil is the coolest medieval-looking sword I’ve ever seen because it’s the only one with a hollow pommel.  This Lord of the Rings sword fascinated me so much that my dad and I built a wooden replica.

Another reason why the Lord of the Rings is my favourite book is that I find Tolkien’s creation of Middle Earth amazing.  I love the detail and realism of the different races, languages, places, characters, histories and every thing else. Tolkien was so creative and imaginative and I like that. I will always love his wonderful world of Middle Earth.

The Lord of the Rings is great and I have enjoyed it, am enjoying it, and will enjoy it for a long while more. Many authors borrow from Tolkien’s books and write new adventure stories, but there is something in the Lord of the Rings that will make me love it forever.


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Hamish is twelve years old and lives in Toronto, Canada with his three siblings. Hamish attends Canada's National Ballet School and is in grade 6. Hamish likes Lego, Harry Potter, medieval stuff, Lord of the Rings, and dancing, in no particular order. Hamish has also dabbled in acting and singing for the stage.
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