Nora’s Poems

The Caterpillar on the Grass
The caterpillar lived on a tree
One day he went out on the nice green grass
And found some food.
The End

Wizards do Magic
When wizards do magic
They turn somebody into someone else.
The End

When rain falls it helps your plants
When rain falls it lands on you.
The End

When rain falls there are puddles
I jump in them
They splash all over me.
The End

I’m a Butterfly
I’m a butterfly
I fly all over town
I’m a butterfly.
The End

Merry Christmas
For Jews it is Hanukkah
But for Christians it is Christmas
Santa is jolly
Santa is jolly
I love Christmas.
The End

Halloween is Just Plastic
Halloween things are only plastic
Don’t be scared because it’s only plastic.
The End

About Nora

Nora is eight years old and lives in Toronto with her parents and her three siblings. Nora is home schooled and part of her schooling is to prepare articles for this website. When she's not in school, Nora likes to skate, dance, play violin, sing, whistle, read, and play Lego.
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