My First Pia Bouman Nutcracker Show

I wanted to be in a show because my older siblings have all been in shows.  Being in a show seemed like fun because there were lots of people and lots of fun backstage.  Also it looked like fun to be on stage and to have a whole audience in front of you.

photo of Nora
Nora's first Pia Bouman Nutcracker

You have to be in grade two ballet to be in The Nutcracker, but I got to be in the show when I was in grade one because I wrote a letter to my teacher, Mrs. Bouman. My letter said, “Seeing as I can’t be in the Nutcracker, do you know of any other big show that I could be in?”  Then Mrs. Bouman wrote me back a note.  She said that she did need a small party guest and she asked if I could please tell her if I could be that girl. I was very happy.

I only had three rehearsals because it was my first show.  I also went to a costume try-on.  I tried on three dresses and the last one was the best for me.  My mum had to take up the waist because even that dress was too big.  My dress was pink with little roses and bows.  Before me, dancers Savannah, Brynn and my sister Hannah had worn that dress.

My first rehearsal was in costume.  It was fun.  I got to learn lots of things and the other kids that I was dancing with were very nice and I loved to play with them.  In the show, I was the youngest child in a family of four children.  My stage father was called Gord and my stage mother was called Alison.  They were very nice to me.

After the rehearsals, the show took place at Humberside CI.  I skipped and ran and watched the other dancers.  At the end of the party scene, my stage father carried me off stage and I had to pretend that I was asleep.  Before each show, one of the bigger girls did my make-up and hair.  They put up my hair in braids across the back of my head.  Then I waited in a line with my partners Sarah and Assantuah until all the audience was in their seats.  We snuck up the stairs leading to the hall where the audience was sitting and then we waited until the main maid came running toward the front of the stage.  Then we all ran down the aisle to the stage.  After each show, I took off my costume and my granddad drove me home.

After the last show, we all went to the dance school for the cast party.  There were lots of things to eat and drink.  I danced and played with the other kids.

I had lots of fun in The Nutcracker and I am looking forward to being in it next year.

About Nora

Nora is eight years old and lives in Toronto with her parents and her three siblings. Nora is home schooled and part of her schooling is to prepare articles for this website. When she's not in school, Nora likes to skate, dance, play violin, sing, whistle, read, and play Lego.
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