Lowe Family Nutcracker

In our household we have various annual traditions; one of them is putting on our own production of the Tchaikovsky ballet The  Nutcracker.

Hamish as The Nutcracker in 2011

Every year at Christmas time this little 30 minute show takes place in the living room of our house. The cast is made up of four people, me and my three younger siblings Hamish, Clare and Nora. Our Mom is our stage manager and our Dad is our set designer and maker.

Casting the production is always a fun challenge because of course people don’t want to be the same roles over and over again. Even if they were perfect in a certain part they don’t want to play it again. The exception to this is my brother who is always happy to perform the part of  the Nutcracker.

Every year casting is always done in early September and we always try to start rehearsals around that time too. One challenge for us is that  our dance school  starts casting and rehearsing for their Nutcracker at the same time–and we are also in that production. The ballet school’s Nutcracker takes priority from October to December and then we pick ours back up again in the middle of December. At that point in time we have to start rushing to get our show choreographed and polished. On top of that we also make programs, costumes, hair pieces, backdrops, shortened versions of the music, props and treats for the intermission.

However, when it is finally ready to go it is definitely worth all the hard work that is put into it. But I must say that it would definitely not be the wonderful show that it is without the help of Mummy and Daddy. They do so much for us and our show every Christmas.

Clara from the 2011 production
Me as the Snow Queen in 2011
Nora as the Sugar Plum Fairy in 2011
The Mouse King from the 2011 Nutcracker










Our first show is always given to our grandparents and our uncle on Boxing Day. Despite our intention of it being a show it always turns out more as a dress rehearsal. Then we fix it up and perform it to various other people such as our dance teachers our next door neighbours and our music teacher. Every year the Artistic Director of our dance school, Mrs. Bouman, comes to watch the show. Our audience can be at the maximum five people so we wind up doing a lot of shows.    This is because the audience sits in our playroom where we store the living room furniture during the show. This makes the space quite small.

One good thing about doing our own Nutcracker is the immediate feedback that we get from the audience afterwards. It’s always nice to get comments (both positive and negative).

As we wrapped up our fourth annual production I decided that I wanted to make the fifth year perfect, but it already is such a charming production that I don’t think it needs anything more.

After our very first Nutcracker in 2008

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Hannah Lowe is nineteen years old and calls Toronto her home. She is fond of baking, music making, dancing, reading, and travelling. Hannah is about to begin her studies at the University of King's College and Dalhousie University, where she plans to pursue both literature and costume design, and hopes to achieve a degree in the latter. Hannah also loves taking long walks at nighttime, and she constantly marvels at the preposterous political situations of this day and age that have somehow become commonplace.
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