How to Make a Wooden Wand

My sister,  my friends and I are all big Harry Potter fans.  When I turned nine, my dad taught me how to make wooden wands that we could use for playing Harry Potter. With some help from my dad, I made wands for my sister and friends. We also made wands for my two little sisters even though they had not read the books or watched the movies. They just liked shooting spells at each other. I have five wands and I really like them. I hope you enjoy your wands.

my second and favourite wand
my second and favourite wand

You will need:

  1. A square ended bar of wood longer than you want your wand to be. I recommend allowing  5 extra inches for clamping the wood to your work bench.
  2. A clamp.
  3. A saw.
  4. A  chisel.
  5. A spokeshave.
  6. A sanding block or sand paper.
  7. A hot glue gun.
  8. Paint.  I usually use an acrylic brown paint.


a wand with a raised handle
a wand with a defined handle
  1. Start with your stick of wood and mark how long your wand should be on the piece of wood.  I suggest a wand of 10-15 inches.
  2. Clamp your wood to your work bench and use the spokeshave to shave each corner and sides into a wand shape.  Make it as thin as you want.  If you want your wand to have a defined handle (see photo at right) don’t shave as much at the bottom.
  3. Use your saw to cut off the end that will not be part of the wand.
  4. Sand the wand until smooth.
  5. Now you’re ready to decorate your wand.  If you want grooves, use your chisel.  If you want vines and lines, make these with a bead of hot glue.  You can also glue on wood shavings to make designs.
  6. Now you’re ready to paint.

About Hamish

Hamish is twelve years old and lives in Toronto, Canada with his three siblings. Hamish attends Canada's National Ballet School and is in grade 6. Hamish likes Lego, Harry Potter, medieval stuff, Lord of the Rings, and dancing, in no particular order. Hamish has also dabbled in acting and singing for the stage.
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2 Responses to How to Make a Wooden Wand

  1. Lucksters says:

    You make great wands I know from experience


  2. Jennifer Allen says:

    Thank you for this wand receipe. My oldest son Oliver (age 9) also loves all things Potter. He and I will enjoy making this together. Our family shares the same homemade Nutcracker tradition as yours. With 3 boys, the casting needs to very flexible and we focus heavily on the battle scene.
    Thank you for sharing your idea,
    Jennifer (mom to Oliver, Eliot and Alex)

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