Manifest Marta

It’s been four weeks of rehearsals now, wherein there have been many learnings and much excitement.

Hannah's Bio in the Sound of Music Programme
Hannah's Bio in the Sound of Music Programme

Hannah has amazing stamina that is perhaps only available in 8-year-olds, but she has been doing a rigourous schedule of 8-hours a day from Thursday to Sunday since early February, and she still has lots of energy left over for school, dance classes, and endless hours of practising her lines and songs.

As Marta, she doesn’t have a lot of lines to remember (Marta is the 2nd youngest of the Von Trapp children), but there’s a lot of singing to learn and get right. And I’m amazed that she isn’t sick of it yet.

Our whole family has been adjusting to the back-and-forth to rehearsal schedule. It’s about a 45-minute walk from our house to the Mirvish Productions building next to the Princess of Whales Theatre here in Toronto. As part of our attempt to teach Hannah about money, we got her to log all of the money she didn’t spend on transit tickets or taxis to get to rehearsal. This money is designated in a separate category for her discretionary spending. We’re all hoping it means we all get to go out for breakfast on her occasionally.

First performances

We now have the first month’s schedule of performances, and so have booked a whackload of tickets for March 17th at 1:30pm.

The rest of the schedule for March is:

Wednesday March 18 — matinée
Thursday March 19 — matinée
Saturday March 21 — matinée
Wednesday March 25 — matinée & evening
Saturday March 28 — matinée
Sunday March 29 — matinée

Only one evening performance means that at least we’ll ease into the late nights.

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  1. Marla and Linda Rylott says:

    Update us please.
    We just found this site tonight doing a google search.
    We would like to hear more.

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