First day of rehearsal

So we’ve been negotiating this new world of showbiz on behalf of our daughter, and it’s been surprisingly uncomplicated. Now that she’s officially going to be Marta in the Mirvish Production of The Sound of Music in Toronto, we’re slowly adjusting to the idea that this is really real.

First came a contract, in a couriered package with contract pages plus rider. There was a form to fill out for her pay (!) which necessitated a bank account for an 8-year-old. Said bank account was procured from RBC, the “Leo” account or some such thing…the only bank account they offer kids.

We wondered about the necessity of a GST number. She will not have enough income from this “self employment” to warrant it…this year at least.

Income tax? Does an 8-year old have to file income tax in Canada? Will have to find that one out.

Then there’s the bio & photo. Parent supplied…who knew? The bio was written collaboratively by my wife, my daughter, and myself, and copy edited and proofed by my work colleague Laura and my mother-in-law. We tried to make it cute but not too cute. It’s interesting when many of the other kids’ bios include television credits and the like. We had to focus on the living room shows and ballet school performances instead.

I write this from Vancouver, where I am attending the IxDA’s annual conference, Interaction ’09. I have had a misadventure (another post) but I did manage to get myself up early enough to call and wish my young performer a happy first rehearsal.

It’s going to be a long haul for a little while: 4 8-hour rehearsals a week for 5 weeks. Good thing she has boundless energy.

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