Back to School

Welcome to back to school.

I am the proud father of home-schooled kids. This is the 3rd year that my wife has got our kids started on their school curriculum first thing in the morning on the day after labour day. We’ve got kindergarten, grade one, and grade three all going on at the kitchen table with our pre-schooler absorbing things by osmosis in the background.

Since we’re in a fairly traditionally structured family, I don’t have much to do with the presentation of the material to my kids, but this year we’re trying to figure out how I can contribute to their learning either by doing Saturday ‘special’ classes, or evenings. That should be fun, if I can come up with something interesting. I’ve been wondering about working with my 6 and 8 year olds on user interface design. I figure they might have insights on what works and what doesn’t. They don’t get a lot of computer time, but when they do (30 minutes per week), I am always stunned by how quickly they learn the interface and make it work for them.

Wish me luck.

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