Interesting events recently for my family. My eldest daughter (she’s 8-years old) became a cast member of the Toronto Production of The Sound of Music. She’ll be playing ‘Marta’, the second-youngest Von Trapp child 4 performances a week starting in March.

Sound of Music Poster
Sound of Music Poster

We are not a showbiz family. We have no experience with professional theatre and so it’s a great adventure for all of us.

So far, we’re still in kind of ‘holy crap’ mode. You never want to get your hopes up too high, and you keep your attitude light so that you don’t set yourself and your kids up for disappointment in a process that is so fraught with peril.

Since we’re new to this whole thing, I’m going to track it a bit for everyone. It’ll be a diversion from my original focus here at the LoweLife, but that wasn’t really working anyway. I’m taking a page from 43 folders here and am gonna blog the crap out of this.

Coming soon:

You have no idea all the stuff that you have to consider when your 8-year-old child is going to be receiving a regular paycheque. Or maybe you do? I’m gonna tell you once I figure it out.

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